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If you read Donald Trump's book "How to Get Rich" you will discover that even in his ultra luxury building his feet get cold and he needs an electric space heater under his desk(1) .   You will agree when you have cold feet and your head is too warm, you don't feel well.  But when your feet are warm and your head is cool, you are comfortable - you are better able to think, work, relax, whatever you are doing.  In our buildings, your feet will never be cold.

In our buildings, you will find one of Thunder Bay's rarest commodities - luxury rental accommodation.  And, in Thunder Bay, we believe renting is smarter than buying a condominium apartment or detached house, which can't offer the comfort and quality features you'll find in our apartments and townhomes.  If you understand money, you can confirm this for yourself. 

Ask your Financial Advisor, your Banker, an Appraiser, but not your Real Estate Agent.  The Real Estate Agent can confirm how much Thunder Bay house prices have increased in recent years.  It may be true the "average" house price has increased; however, the "average" house is now larger, somewhat better built and thus more expensive than even a few years ago.  In addition, building material costs have increased significantly in recent years which has increased the "cost" of building a new home.  These increased costs are reflected in the higher prices for new homes.  But remember, the "cost" to build a home is not always reflected in the actual "value" of the home when it is completed.  What you also have to consider are actual resale values, time on the market and don't forget the 6% commission, which you pay twice - buying (the seller has factored it in to the asking price) and selling (it's deducted from the final selling price). 

When you want to sell your home, you don't always find a buyer quickly.  You rarely get your original asking price and then you have to deduct the commission and legal fees from the final sale price.  If you rent in one of our buildings, not only will you enjoy carefree living in a beautiful apartment or townhome; when you decide to move, 60 days notice is all that's required. 

Check out our Buying vs. Renting page, you may be surprised to discover that renting can be smarter than buying. 

You may be asking "If renting is better than buying (owning) in Thunder Bay, why are we building?"  We make our money on the construction. 

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Trump - How to Get Rich - "Acknowledgements ... He spent a lot of time in my office, and one day I noticed he was staring at the carpet under my desk.  Finally, he said, "Donald, what's the deal with the space heater?"  I told him that my feet get cold.  Jon said, "We're in Trump Tower.  It's your building.  Can't you do something about that?"

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